Maintenance Team

Maintenance Manager- Will Dunson

Maintenance Mechanic I- Bryan Hartzog, Austin Bentley, Jeff “Peanut” Fogle, Tyler Cantrell, David Curry, Travis Pitts, Tim Frankum and Johnny Herron (not pictured).

Maintenance Administrative Assistant- Grace Nickerson

Administrative Team

Director of Finance-Doris Farrar, Executive Director-Angie Cothran,

Executive Administrative Assistant: Michelle Sisk, and Construction Manager-Ray Sutton.

Housing Team

Director of Housing-Cashenna Roebuck, Occupancy Coordinators- Gail Jones and Keshé McGee

Site Managers- Tracy Presley and Becky Roach, General Clerk/Assistant Site Manager-Ally Peace

Resident Services/Assistant Site Manager -Jessica Tumbeiro, Administrative Assistant-Toni White