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Affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Maintenance Department

Maintenance office is open 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday for any questions or to request a work order.

For any questions or concerns about the maintenace of your apartment, please call the Maintenance Department at 706-886-7326 or 1-800-752-8546. 


Please Do Not call after normal business hours, unless you have a TRUE EMERGENCY that endangers life, health, safety, or physical damage to you or your home. If the maintenance personnel determine you have a TRUE EMERGENCY, (which is defined below), they will come out to complete the work.  Maintenance will not come out unless the request is a TRUE EMERGENCY that endangers life, health, safety, or damage to property.   If you insist it is an emergency and we come out and it is not, you will be charged a labor charge of $50 and no work will be completed until we resume normal operations.

We have someone on call after normal business hours and Friday-Sunday for EMERGENCIES only.

If the emergency is life threatening call 911.

Non-emergency service requests should be called in during normal office hours. Please be aware, if we respond to a non-emergency call your account will be charged additional fees.

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