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Affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Resident Services


Resident Services introduces and links tenants with a wide range of programs and services to enhance the quality of life and to encourage upward mobility into the community. Through vital community partners we are able to provide a variety of education, social and cultural programs, health and wellness screenings and recreational activities designed to assist residents in achieving stability, strength and self-sufficiency.


What are the perks?

Find out important information. Get to know your neighbors. Find out what’s going on in your community. Bingo. Trips. Activities.    FUN.

For more information check out Organizing an Effective Resident Association.


Your Community is Important and You Matter.


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GED Scholarships Available!


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Community Rooms are a courtesy to our residents.  They are designed to allow for more space in hosting events. Additionally, they allow resources and events to come directly to the neighborhoods.  

Use information: 
•    Submit the below form a least 10 days prior to your event. All submission will be reviewed within 3-5 business days. We will call or email you our decision. 
•    Reservations are on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 
•    Residents must be on good standing with the housing authority.
•    Residents pay a $25.oo refundable cash deposit due when the key is issued.
•    Non-profits and non- residents will be considered for use.