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Affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly, and persons with disabilities.

What is a Resident Association?

A resident association (RA) is a group of residents that live in the same area whose interests and concerns are improving the quality of life and living conditions in their neighborhood. It also consists of officers elected by residents who will lead their neighborhood in planning and carrying out activities and programs.


How can I be included?

As a Northeast GA Housing Authority Resident, you are already included.


How can I participate?

View your Resident Services calendar to find out when the next meeting is in your area.

When you attend meetings, you become an active participant and are invited to join the RA on trips and other fun filled activities throughout the year.


What are the perks?

Find out important information. Get to know your neighbors. Find out what’s going on in your community. Bingo. Trips. Activities. Fun.


Rides to and from these events are Free!       just give us a call.


Your Community is important and you matter.


Contact Resident services

@ NEGAHA 706-886-9455